stylelint plugin for vue-cli

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stylelint plugin for vue-cli

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Injected commands

  • vue-cli-service lint:style

``` Usage: vue-cli-service lint:style options ...files
--no-fix           do not auto-fix errors
--options          list additional stylelint cli options
Lints and fixes files. If no specific files are given, it lints all vue files, html files, and stylesheets in src.

Configuration (vue.config.js, "vue" in package.json)

Lint on (re)build with stylelint-webpack-plugin can be enabled with the lintStyleOnBuild option. You can also provide additional options to stylelint. See available options on the stylelint website.
module.exports = {
  // ...
  pluginOptions: {
    lintStyleOnBuild: 'error', // default error,prevent compile  
    stylelint: {
      fix: true, // boolean (default: true)
      files: '', // string | [string] (default: ['src/**/*.{vue,htm,html,css,sss,less,scss}'])
      // See
      formatter: () => {} // function (default: require('stylelint-codeframe-formatter'))
      // etc...

Installing in an already created project

npm install -D @tencent/vue-cli-plugin-stylelint
vue invoke @tencent/vue-cli-plugin-stylelint

There is also a shorthand to invoke the plugin
vue invoke @tencent/stylelint

webpack-chain Injections

  • config.plugin('stylelint')
  • config.plugin('stylelint').use('stylelint-webpack-plugin')
  • config.plugin('friendly-errors').tap(/* Adds additional transformer and formatter */)