Simple and full featured static site generator for Vue

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The latest version is made as a Vue-cli 3 plugin and is STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS. Do not hesistate to follow the project on Github in order to be informed of the changes.
The goal of Vue website is to prerender your VueJS site or app in the simplest way

Why vue-website?


Vue website aim at generating static endpoints like the nuxt generate command. But unlike it, it comes as a simple VueJS plugin with no specific project architecture. Just code your SPA, install the plugin, add specific inforations in your vue-router config and you're done.


Unlike vue-press, this tool is not documentation and markdown oriented. Its purpose is only to make SEO-friendly your site or app generally based on aync API calls

How to use

Right now : just install this plugin on your VueJS project helped by vue-cli 3 by the UI or like the following :
vue add vue-cli-plugin-vue-website
Only your root page is prerendered right now ;)