An escape hatch directive for DOM Elements in Vue.js components.

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An escape hatch for DOM Elements in Vue.js components.
The directive v-dom-portal will move DOM Nodes from their current place in a Vue component to a target DOM Node via appendChild. Similar to vue-transfer-dom, but updated for vue@2.x.


npm install vue-dom-portal --save
import DomPortal from 'vue-dom-portal'


The target is the DOM Node that the element will be appened to, it defaults to document.body. Otherwise we can manually set this, or even pass a Boolean to dynamically move it around.

target can be any the following types:

  • string - this will be passed to document.querySelector to find the target
  • Node - A DOM Node or Element if you really want to specify it explitly..
  • Boolean - will either appened to document.body if true, or return to where it came from if false
  • undefined - will behave as true, appending to document.body

<!--will be appended to document.body-->
<div v-dom-portal></div>
<div v-dom-portal="true"></div>

<!--nothing will happen, left in-place-->
<div v-dom-portal="false"></div>

<!--will be appended to document.querySelector('#app') -->
<div v-dom-portal="'#app'"></div>

If you can't make up your mind on where you want the DOM Node to go, you can toss it around the page at will with a variable.
const vm = new Vue({
  template: `
      <div v-dom-portal="target"></div>
  data: {
    target: 'body'

setTimeout(() => { = '#app'
}, 500)

setTimeout(() => { = false
}, 1000)

setTimeout(() => { = '#another-id'
}, 1500)

Since it's just a simple directive, it still works with transitions and directives.
const vm = new Vue({
  template: `
      <transition name="fade">
        <div v-dom-portal="target" v-show="isShown" class="overlay">
          <img src="image.png" alt="Look, Ma, no z-index problems!">
  data: {
    target: 'body',
    isShown: true

Use at your own risk! No tests have been written, but it seems to be working.
If you find any problems please write up an issue.

:copyright: License