Simple Vue.js emoji picker with unicode characters

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Highly-customizable emoji picker for Vue 2
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Table of contents

- With npm - With a CDN - With an ES6 bundler (via npm)
- [Use per component](#use-per-component)
- [Use globally](#use-globally)
- Using a CDN - Very simple usage, without any CSS defined - CSS-styled example


The live demos are available here:


With npm

npm i vue-emoji-picker --save

With a CDN

<script src=""></script>


With an ES6 bundler (via npm)

Use per component

import EmojiPicker from 'vue-emoji-picker'

export default {
  // ...
  components: {
  // ...

Use globally

import { EmojiPickerPlugin } from 'vue-emoji-picker'

Using a CDN


  new Vue({
    // ...


vue-emoji-picker is a slot-based component, to provide maximum flexibility. Since every ounce of html is created by a consumer (ie. you), you can customize every piece of the component as you wish.

Very simple usage, without any CSS defined

You will need two things. A textarea (or an input), where emojis will be injected, and a component declaration. A simple example is provided below.
<textarea v-model="input"></textarea>

<emoji-picker @emoji="insert" :search="search">
  <div slot="emoji-invoker" slot-scope="{ events: { click: clickEvent } }" @click.stop="clickEvent">
    <button type="button">open</button>
  <div slot="emoji-picker" slot-scope="{ emojis, insert, display }">
        <input type="text" v-model="search">
        <div v-for="(emojiGroup, category) in emojis" :key="category">
          <h5>{{ category }}</h5>
              v-for="(emoji, emojiName) in emojiGroup"
            >{{ emoji }}</span>

  data() {
    return {
      input: '',
      search: '',
  methods: {
    insert(emoji) {
      this.input += emoji

As you may see, you have to declare some things yourself. Namely:
  • input - a model for your input/textarea,
  • search - a model for the search box inside the component (optional),
  • insert(emoji) - a method responsible to put emojis into your input/textarea. Provided emoji is a string representation of the emoji to be inserted.

CSS-styled example

To see what is possible with the component, you can simply have a look at a demo available here.

Available props

  • search optional - If you are not using the search functionality, you can omit this one. It should be a model of the search passed from your data.
  • emojiTable optional - You can overwrite the default emoji table by providing your own.


  • emoji-invoker
- events - delares the v-on:click toggle of the picker box,
  • emoji-picker
- emojis - object of unicode emojis, - insert() - method to be invoked when an emoji is clicked, - display - object containting x, y and visible properties.


This work is an open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.