Reusable Vue components using Material Design Lite

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Reusable Vue components using Material Design Lite
ā€¼ļø vue-mdl relies on the last versions of vue and material design lite but does not include them. Make sure to have your modules up to date šŸ˜‰ and installed (Specially for MDL). Remember to remove the defer attribute in case you copy pasted the lines from MDL Doc šŸ˜‰. See #20.
import VueMdl from 'vue-mdl'
import Vue from 'vue'


new Vue({
  el: '#app',
  data: {
    checked: false

<mdl-checkbox :checked.sync='checked'>Checkbox</mdl-checkbox>

For more detailed usage about non es6 environments, check the documentation.
The test/components directory has a lot of examples used for tests.
The documentation is available here Pull Requests and issues are welcome.
This will build a distributable version in the dist directory.
npm run build
You can run all the tests
npm test

Unit tests

npm run test:unit
Run npm run dev and visit http://localhost:8080.
Create tests pages inside test/components. Add unit tests to test/unit/specs and modify test/unit/main.js to load the test.
You can also serve the tests pages without running the unit tests by running npm run dev:integration. This makes easy to actually see and manually test components.
When contributing, make sure all tests pass. If you wrote a new feature or fixed a bug make sure to add the corresponding test.
Releasing is done using the git flow model
  • Start a new release git flow release start x.x.x
  • Run npm run build
  • Bump package.json version
  • Commit the version. No more info needed
  • Run git flow release finish
  • Write the changelog in the tag notes
  • Push master and develop branches git push --all --follow-tags
  • Publish it to npm: npm publish
Copyright (c) 2016 Eduardo San Martin Morote