A Vue project to make buttons that show the progress when being clicked on.

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A simple button that displays progress. Compatible with Vue 2.x
Inspired by the button animations displayed on


$ npm install vue-progress-button --save


Inside your component:
To get the most basic version of a progress button

The progress can be configured with another filling color. Simply add the fill-color property to the progress button element and give a color to it.
<progress-button name="fillColor" class="btn btn-primary mr-1 mb-1" fill-color="#fff">Other fill color</progress-button>

The progress also be modified in terms of duration of the progress, position of the progress line
<progress-button name="duration" class="btn btn-info mr-1 mb-1" :duration="10000">10 second animation</progress-button>
<progress-button name="bottom" class="btn btn-success mr-1 mb-1" :height="5" position="bottom">Bottom fill</progress-button>
<progress-button name="bottom" class="btn btn-warning mr-1 mb-1" :height="5" position="top">Top fill</progress-button>

import Button from 'vue-progress-button'

export default {
  components: {
    'progress-button': Button

Configuration options

Option | Type | Default | Description
--------- | ------ | ------- | ------------ fillColor | String | '#555' | The color of the progress bar filling the button duration | Number | 2000 | The duration of the progress bar filling the entire button in milliseconds height | Number | 100 | The height of the progress bar in px position | String | 'fill' | The position of the progress bar in the button, currently possible: top, bottom. Defaults to fill that fills the entire button