Handy unit conversion filters for your Vue.js project

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A plugin for adding handy conversion filters to your Vue.js project. Based on the convert-units package made by @ben-ng.


Install vue-units with NPM from the vue-units NPM repository by running the following command: ``` npm install vue-units --save ``` If you prefer to use Yarn, you can install it with the following command instead: ``` yarn add vue-units ``` Add it to your vue instance: ```javascript import Vue from 'vue'; import VueUnits from 'vue-units'; Vue.use(VueUnits) ``` If you don't use ES6, you can also include it as a script locally: ```html ```




The filter unit(from, to, includeUnit) is added to your Vue instance, which makes it easy to convert between a set of units in your templates: ```vue
<p>{{1500 | unit('m', 'km', true)}}</p>
``` The above code will result in the following output: ``` 1.5 km ``` If includeUnit is false, only the converted value will be returned: ``` 1.5 ``` To see a list of available conversion units, please refer to the official repository for convert-units.


You can access the instance of convert-units anywhere in your Vue templates, which gives you access to the additional functions that the convert-units package provides: ```javascript this.$units(12000).from('mm').to('m'); // 12 Metres this.$units(12000).from('mm').toBest(); // 12 Meters (the smallest unit with a value above 1) this.$units(12000).from('mm').toBest({ exclude: 'm' }) // 1200 Centimeters (the smallest unit excluding meters) this.$units(12000).from('mm').toBest({ cutOffNumber: 10 }); // 900 Centimeters (the smallest unit with a value equal to or above 10) this.$units(12000)from('mm').toBest({ cutOffNumber: 10 }) // 10 Meters (the smallest unit with a value equal to or above 10) this.$units(12000).from('m').possibilities(); // "mm", "cm", "m", "km", "in", "yd", "ft-us", "ft", "mi" this.$units().measures(); // 'length', 'mass', 'volume' ``` For additional methods, please refer to the official repository for convert-units.


```html ```


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