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The vue-video-player package has now been renamed to @videojs-player/vue due to the addition of support for React. Also, support for Vue has undergone a Breaking change, with the latest version of the component only supporting Vue3.
The last version of the vue-video-player package will be released in v6.0, which will just re-export everything from @videojs-player/vue, so if you're ready to use the new version of vue-video-player, please import @videojs-player/vue directly.
The latest version of videojs-player supports responsiveness for the vast majority of Video.js configuration options and allows you to fully customize the player's control panel and interaction details, thanks to the fact that the component does enough processing internally for different frameworks.

Legacy Version

If you are looking for a legacy version of the component for Vue2, use the vue-video-player@4.x.