Simple notify component for VueJS 2

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A simple bootstrap|bulma styled Vue component for notifications. Compatible with Vue 2.x


Required packages:
  • vue 2+
  • velocity-animate 1.5+

Optional packages:
  • bootstrap or bulma (only used for styling)


$ yarn add vue2-notify

Then in your main.js:
import Notify from 'vue2-notify'

// Use Notify


Inside your component:
this.$notify('A message that should be displayed', 'type')

Vue.$notify('A message that should be displayed', 'type')

You may use short type call:
this.$notify.success('This is success message');

Vue.$notify('This is success message');

Bulma users can call this.$notify.danger('Error message');, this.$notify.danger() is link to this.$notify.error()


| Option | Type | Default | Description |-------------------|------------------|-------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | itemClass | String | 'alert col-12' | The class that the notification is wrapped in, defaults to the default bootstrap style | duration | Integer | 500 | The amount of milliseconds that the animation should take (slideDown/slideUp, fadeIn/fadeOut) | visibility | Integer | 2000 | The amount of milliseconds that the notification should be visible (if notification is not permanent) | position | String | 'top-left' | The location of the notification, currently possible: top-left, top-right, top-full, bottom-left, bottom-right and bottom-full | enter | String | 'slideDown' | Entry animation type, currently possible: slideDown, fadeIn | leave | String | 'slideUp' | Exit animation type, currently possible: slideUp, fadeOut | permanent | Boolean | false | Disable notification auto close | mode | String | 'text' | Set 'html' to output real html. Only use HTML interpolation on trusted content and never on user-provided content. | closeButtonClass | Boolean / String | false | Class name for close button. If false - close button will not be displayed. ( Example: set 'delete' for bulma or 'close' for bootstrap.)
Configuration options can be provided as options in the Vue.use statement:
// Use Notify
Vue.use(Notify, {visibility: 5000, permanent: true})

Overriding configuration

You can override the itemClass, iconClass, visibility, mode or closeButtonClass options on a per usage basis:
this.$notify('A message that should be displayed', 'type', { itemClass: 'alert col-6 alert-info', iconClass: 'fa fa-lg fa-handshake-o', visibility: 10000 })

Type should be one of the types defined in the configuration of the component.


Defines the type of notifications that can be triggered
| Type | ItemClass | IconClass
|-----------|-------------------|-------------------------------------- | info | 'alert-info' | 'fa fa-lg fa-info-circle'
| error | 'alert-danger' | 'fa fa-lg fa-exclamation-triangle' | warning | 'alert-warning' | 'fa fa-lg fa-exclamation-circle' | success | 'alert-success' | 'fa fa-lg fa-check-circle'
You can override the default list of types in the following way, for example to use glyphicons instead of font awesome icons:
const types = {
  info: { itemClass: 'alert-info', iconClass: 'glyphicons glyphicons-info-sign'},
  success: { itemClass: 'alert-success', iconClass: 'glyphicons glyphicons-ok'},



Using vue2-notify with Bulma

In app.js:
import Notify from 'vue2-notify'
Vue.use(Notify, {
  itemClass: 'notification'
const types = {
  info: { itemClass: 'is-info', },
  error: { itemClass: 'is-danger' },
  warning: { itemClass: 'is-warning' },
  success: { itemClass: 'is-success', iconClass: 'fa fa-lg fa-check-circle' }

And call this.$notify method as usual:
this.$notify('A message that should be displayed', 'info')
this.$'A message that should be displayed')

HTML in notification

this.$notify('<p>My HTML <br/>message</p>', 'info', {mode: 'html'})
this.$notify.error('<p>My HTML <br/>message</p>', {mode: 'html'})

Permanent notification

this.$notify('Permanent message', 'info', {permanent: true})