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A VuePress theme made for blog

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This project is under active development. Any feedback or contributions would be appreciated

Live demo

Basic Usage

First of all, your need to have a VuePress project. Your can follow VuePress's official guide to create one. Then you can use one of the following commands to install this theme.
yarn add vuepress-theme-blogue
// or
npm install vuepress-theme-blogue

Project Configuration

Edit .vuepress/config.js to configure this theme. Below is the default configuration.
module.exports = {
    title: "Project Blogue",
    themeConfig: {
        avatarImage: "",
        blogPluginConfig: {
            comment: {
                // Which service you'd like to use
                service: 'disqus',
                // The owner's name of repository to store the issues and comments.
                shortname: '',

  • title: Your blog's title, will be displayed in the toolbar/navbar
  • avatarImage: URL string for avatar, will be displayed in the drawer/sidebar.
  • blogPluginConfig: Any extra configuration for vuepress-plugin-blog

Blog Post Configuration

For every markdown file in your VuePress project, you need a front matter on top of the file. The example below uses YAML front matter but other languages are supported too.


title: My first blog date: 2018-07-01 image: tags: "blog", "markdown"

hide: false

  • title (required, string): Your post's title. vuepress-theme-blogue will NOT find H1 title inside your markdown file.
  • date (required, date): Your post's date. Your need to use YYYY-MM-DD format. vuepress-theme-blogue use post's date to sort, so this field is required.
  • image (optional, string): Your post's cover image URL.
  • tags (optional, list): Your post's tags.
  • hide (optional, boolean): Hide this post in the homepage.

Your will need and in your docs directory. These two posts will not be displayed on the home page.


vuepress-theme-blogue use @vuepress/plugin-blog to provide comment. Check its document for more details.

Complete Example



  • x Update vuepress to 1.0
  • x Tags
  • x Comments
  • x Configurable
  • Customizable sidebar