function that returns a promise in anticipation of an event

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A simple module that exposes a function used to wait for specific events from an emitter.


npm install wait-for-event-promise


waitForEvent(emitter: EventEmitter, eventName: String [, filter: Function, options: Object ])

A minimal example:
const waitForEvent = require('wait-for-event-promise');
const EventEmitter = require('events')

(async function () {
  // create event emitter
  const emitter = new EventEmitter();

  // create a promise for wait for a 'hello' event
  const helloPromise = waitForEvent(emitter, 'hello');

  // emit a hello event
  emitter.emit('hello', {
    message: 'world'

  // promise will resolve with the data that was emit
  const event = await helloPromise; // { message: 'world' }
  console.log(event.message); // outputs: 'world'

A function can be passed into to filter out events that you don't care about.
const emitter = new EventEmitter();

const helloPromise = waitForEvent(emitter, 'hello', (event) => {
  return event === 'world';

emitter.emit('hello', 'bob');
// we don't care about bob, so helloPromise has not resolved yet

emitter.emit('hello', 'world');
// now helloPromise has resolved

const event = await helloPromise;
console.log(event); // outputs: 'world'

Alternatively, a filter can be provided as part of the options object.
waitForEvent(emitter, 'hello', {
  filter: (value) => value === 'world'

A timeout can also be used to ensure you don't indefinitely wait on an event. If the emitter does not emit the proper event before the timeout, the promise will reject.
const emitter = new EventEmitter();

// wait for 1000 ms before rejecting
const helloPromise = waitForEvent(emitter, 'hello', {
  timeout: 1000

try {
  await helloPromise;
} catch (err) {
  // after 1000 ms has passed
  console.err(err);  // err.message === "Timed out waiting for event"

A timeout can also be used with a filter function.
waitForEvent(emitter, 'hello', (value) => {
  return event === 'hello';
}, { timeout: 1000 });

// alternatively, you can use supply the filter function in the options
waitForEvent(emitter, 'hello', {
  timeout: 1000,
  filter: (event) => event === 'world'

A logging function can be passed in to get more information about what the module is doing.
const helloPromise = waitForEvent(emitter, 'hello', {
  logger: console.debug.bind(console),
  filter: (event) => event === 'hello'


In your logs, you will see the following output:
Waiting for event: hello
Filtering for event: hello
Filtering for event: hello
Filtering for event: hello
Got matching event: hello