A bolder kind of mustache.

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  • Write a mustache templating language that fits more with the idea of view-objects as opposed to view-helpers
  • Support method helpers fully. This means:
- (Semi)-Automatic invocation.
- "Write what you mean" when it comes to functions.
- Multiple arguments
- Arguments may be primitive types
- Ability to add in custom domain methods at the view object level (how do we do this?)
- Still support helper methods and block helpers, but put the helper methods where they make the most sense
  • Support object paths like handlebars does
  • Make it easy to traverse back up to root, and to read as such

  • More to come...


  • @ means this, like in coffeescript. This makes it easy to reference the root object context from anywhere.
  • do/end style blocks make more sense than # and / to me

Filter Packages

  • walrus.string: capitalization, casing, hyphenization, etc
  • walrus.inflection: pluralization, etc
  • walrus.date: date formatting
  • walrus.domain: bring raw json objects into the client domain (perhaps theres a better name for this)