A Testrail reporter for webdriver.io including TestRail API basic library (fork from mocha-testrail-reporter)

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Testrail Reporter for Webdriver.io
Pushes test results into Testrail system. Fork from mocha testrail reporter


$ npm install wdio-testrail-reporter --save-dev


Ensure that your testrail installation API is enabled and generate your API keys. See http://docs.gurock.com/
Add reporter to wdio.conf.js:
let WdioTestRailReporter = require('./packages/wdio-testrail-reporter/lib/wdio-testrail-reporter');


    reporters: ['spec', WdioTestRailReporter],
    testRailsOptions: {
      domain: "yourdomain.testrail.net",
      username: "username",
      password: "password",
      projectId: 1,
      suiteId: 1,
      runName: "My test run"

Mark your mocha test names with ID of Testrail test cases. Ensure that your case ids are well distinct from test descriptions.
it("C123 C124 Authenticate with invalid user", . . .
it("Authenticate a valid user C321", . . .

Only passed or failed tests will be published. Skipped or pending tests will not be published resulting in a "Pending" status in testrail test run.


domain: string domain name of your Testrail instance (e.g. for a hosted instance instance.testrail.net)
username: string user under which the test run will be created (e.g. jenkins or ci)
password: string password or API token for user
projectId: number projet number with which the tests are associated
suiteId: number suite number with which the tests are associated
assignedToId: number (optional) user id which will be assigned failed tests

Automatic creation of sections and cases

You can use next command to generate sections/cases based on your tests in test real:
node scripts/generate-cases.js {path_to_your_wdio.conf} {path_o_your_mail_test_folders}
Example: You have tests structure:
- node_modules
- test-project
-- wdio.conf.js
-- tests
--- test-group-1
---- test-1.js
--- test-group-2
---- test-sub-group-1
----- test-2.js
----- test-3.js
---- test-sub-groop-2
----- test-4.js
node node_modules/wdio-testrail-reporter/scripts/generate-cases.js test-project/wdio.conf.js test-project/tests
will create in test rail:
  • section 'test-group-1'
  • cases that are described in test-1.js inside section 'test-group-1'
  • section 'test-group-2'
  • subsection 'test-sub-group-1' inside section 'test-group-2'
  • cases that are described in test-2.js inside subsection 'test-sub-group-1
  • cases that are described in test-3.js inside subsection 'test-sub-group-1
  • subsection 'test-sub-group-2' inside section 'test-group-2'
  • cases that are described in test-4.js inside subsection 'test-sub-group-2

also test files (test-1.js - test-4.js) will be updated: id of case will be added to it() function


  • https://www.npmjs.com/package/mocha-testrail-reporter
  • http://webdriver.io/guide/reporters/customreporter.html
  • http://docs.gurock.com/testrail-api2/start