>A lightweight polyfill for the Web Animations API. (WAAPI)

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Web Animate
>A lightweight polyfill for the Web Animations API. (WAAPI)
This project aims to provide a lightweight polyfill to WAAPI that leverages CSS Keyframes and does not call requestAnimationFrame on every frame.

How to use

This library automatically polyfills on browsers without Element.prototype.animate(). There are a few functions that can be called manually however:
// force rendering of CSS keyframes immediately

// call animate directly
WebAnimate.animate(el, keyframes, timing)

// manually replaces animate()
// Call only if you want to forcibly overwrite Element.prototype.animate()

// use this to determine if the animate() has been overridden
if (WebAnimate.isPolyfilled()) {
    // do something


Include this in your head:
<script href="https://unpkg.com/web-animate/dist/web-animate.min.js"></script>

Or download with npm and import this in your entry js file:
npm i web-animate -S

import 'web-animate'



Contributions are welcome. Please create an issue prior to adding a Pull Request. See below on how to run this project locally.

How to get the project running locally

  • Install NodeJS / NPM
  • Clone this project
  • Run ``npm install`` in the directory
  • Run ``npm start`. This will build to the `lib` directory and simultaneously run all test files in the `tests`` directory.

> Alternately, run ``npm run test:watch` to only watch tests, or `npm run build:watch`` to only watch src files

Structure of the project

| Folder | Description | | --- | --- | | /lib | Output for node | | /lib.es2015 | Output as ES2015 modules | | /src | Source files | | /tests | Test files | | /types | Output for TypeScript type definitions |

Before you submit a Pull Request for code

  • Submit an issue
  • Ensure at least one new unit test exists to cover the feature/bug
  • Ensure new files are formatted property (4 space indentation)


This library is licensed under MIT.