Javascript SDK for web3 accounts

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Common utils for account operation ERC20 ERC721 ERC1155


In your project, run:
npm i web3-accounts

Getting Started

const privateKeys=
```ts import { Web3Accounts} from "web3-accounts"; const account = new Web3Accounts({
address: "0x548427d1418066763173dd053D9d1AE32D161310",
privateKeys: privateKeys,
}) const sign =await account.signMessage('Hello Web3')
## The signature method
    ecSignMessage(message: string, privateKey?: string)  

    async signMessage(message: string | Bytes) 

    async signTypedData(typedData: EIP712TypedData)
const user = new Web3Accounts({
    address: seller,
    privateKeys: secrets.privateKeys,
const msg = 'hello web3'
const ecSign = user.ecSignMessage(msg)
const signature = await user.signMessage(msg)
console.assert(joinECSignature(ecSign) == signature)

Approve and de-Approve

async approveERC20Proxy(tokenAddr: string, spender: string, allowance?: string)

async cancelERC20Approve(tokenAddr: string, operator: string)

async approveERC721Proxy(tokenAddr: string, operator: string)

async cancelERC721Approve(tokenAddr: string, operator: string)

async approveERC1155Proxy(tokenAddr: string, operator: string)

async cancelERC1155Approve(tokenAddr: string, operator: string)

async assetApprove(asset: Asset, operator: string, allowance?: string)
const erc20Approve = await user.approveERC20Proxy(tokenAddr, seller, "200")
await erc20Approve.wait()

Get basic asset information

async getGasBalances(account?: { address?: string, rpcUrl?: string })

async getTokenBalances(params: { tokenAddr: string, account?: string, rpcUrl?: string })

async getERC20Balances(erc20Addr: string, account?: string)

async getERC20Allowance(erc20Addr: string, spender: string, account?: string)

async getERC20Decimals(erc20Addr: string)

async getERC721Balances(to: string, tokenId: string, account?: string)

async getERC721OwnerOf(to: string, tokenId: string)

async getERC721Approved(to: string, operator: string, account?: string)

async getERC1155Balances(to: string, tokenId: string, account?: string)

async getERC1155Approved(to: string, operator: string, account?: string)

async getAssetApprove(asset: Asset, operator: string, account?: string)

async getTokenApprove(tokenAddr: string, spender: string, account?: string)

async getAssetBalances(asset: Asset, account?: string)

async getUserTokenBalance(token: { tokenAddr?: string, decimals?: number, account?: string, rpcUrl?: string})

async getUserTokensBalance(params: {
    tokens: {
        tokenAddr: string,
            decimals: number
    account?: string,
    rpcUrl?: string
const erc721={
    tokenId: '27',
    tokenAddress: '0x56df6c8484500dc3e2fe5a02bed70b4969ffafdb',
    schemaName: 'erc721'
const bal721 = await user.getAssetBalances(erc721)
const erc1155 ={
    tokenId: '13',
    tokenAddress: '0x991a868aa7b0a9a24565ede2d8fe758874a6a217',
    schemaName: 'ERC1155'
const bal1155 = await user.getAssetBalances(erc1155)

Transfer of assets

async assetTransfer(metadata: ExchangeMetadata, to: string)

async transfer(asset: Asset, to: string, quantity: number)

const tx = await user.transfer(erc721, seller, 1)
await tx.wait()

Weth transfer between eth

async wethBalances(account?: string)

async wethWithdraw(ether: string)

async wethDeposit(ether: string, depositFunc?: false)

const wethBal = await user.wethBalances() 
const wethWithdrawTx = await user.wethWithdraw(wethBal)
await wethWithdrawTx.wait()

const wethDepositTx = await user.wethDeposit(wethBal)
await wethDepositTx.wait()

Type conversion funciton

assetToMetadata(asset: Asset, quantity: string = "1", data?: string): ExchangeMetadata 

metadataToAsset(metadata: ExchangeMetadata, data?: Asset): Asset  

tokenToAsset(token: Token): Asset  

tokenToMetadata(token: Token, quantity: string = "1", data?: string): ExchangeMetadata  

transactionToCallData(data: PopulatedTransaction): LimitedCallSpec