A commonJS compatible version of pyalot's webgl-heatmap

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WebGL Heatmap
This is a fork of Florian Boesch's excellent WebGL Heatmap to support CommonJS and and to make it available from NPM. To install it run:
npm install webgl-heatmap
webgl-heatmap is a JavaScript library for high performance heatmap display.


Live Demo at codeflow.org

How to use it

Instantiate a new heatmap, errors can be one of:
Webgl is not supported No floating point texture support Floating point render target not supported Shader Compile Error: ... Shader Link Error: ...
    var heatmap = new WebGLHeatmap({canvas: yourCanvas});
    // handle the error

creation arguments
canvas: the canvas you wish to draw on width: explicit width height: explicit height intensityToAlpha: defaults to true gradientTexture: texture used instead of color calculation, can be path or an image
Add a data point.
x and y relative to the canvas in pixels size in pixels (radius) intensity between 0 and 1
heatmap.addPoint(x, y, size, intensity);

Add a list of data points.
x and y relative to the canvas in pixels size in pixels (radius) intensity between 0 and 1
heatmap.addPoints([{x:x, y:y, size:size, intensity:intensity}]);

Draw queued data points:

Display the heatmap

Multiply all values in the heatmap by a number (useful for decay)

Clamp all values in the heatmap to between two values:
heatmap.clamp(0.0, 1.0)

Blur all values a little: