Visualize webpack module dependency flow

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This is a webpack plugin that can help you visualize the dependencies between files.


npm install webpack-dependency-flow


const DependencyFlow = require('webpack-dependency-flow');

// rollup config
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
    new DependencyFlow()


class DependencyFlow(build, serve)

The plugin entry point. The plugin can generate a static htlm file of the dependency flow, or run a web server in watch mode which updates live on filesave.
  • build object | false - Creates a static html file. Default: {}
- dir string - Directory location. - name string - Name of the file.
  • serve object | false - Starts a web server (can only be run in watch mode). Default: false
- port number - Port to run the web server on. - wsPort number - Websocket port used to pass data between node process and web server. - Returns
The web server usually runs on localhost:3001 if the ports are available, check the console output for Serving dependency flow at: <adress> to see where the server is running.


// Run web server only
new DependencyFlow(false, {
  port: 8085, // run web server on port 8085
  wsPort: 5055 // run websocket on 5055

// Create static file only
new DependencyFlow();