Externalizes lodash from you webpack bundle. Handles all import cases.

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This module exports a simple utility function that externalizes lodash from your bundle.
npm install webpack-externalize-lodash

Why this is needed

There are many ways to use lodash:
import { get } from 'lodash'
import { get } from 'lodash-es'
import get from 'lodash/get'
import get from 'lodash-es/get'
import get from 'lodash.get'

As your project grows and depends on different libraries, some of them will use different lodash helpers, imported in a different way. As a result your bundle will sometimes include lodash multiple times, even if you have it defined it as external in webpack lodash: "_" (this covers only one case).
So the only way to prevent it from being included into your bundle is use externals function
which handles all cases. That's exactly what this package does.


Inside your webpack config
``` externals: {...}// your config, require('webpack-externalize-lodash) ````