A webpack plugin to remove unwanted files which may have been created and output due to multiple entry points

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Webpack Extraneous File Cleanup Plugin
A webpack plugin to remove unwanted files which may have been created and output due to multiple entry points


When using ExtractTextPlugin, it's not possible to generate a css file for each chunk webpack outputs, if you're using code splitting.
The only possible way to do this is to have an entry point for each top level css / less / scss file, however this will create small js files with empty webpack functions in them, which are undesirable.
This plugin removes files which are under a certain byte size, after everything has been compiled and output. It can also remove these files from your manifest.json file if you are using the webpack manifest plugin or something similar to it.


Install using npm or yarn
npm install webpack-extraneous-file-cleanup-plugin --save-dev
yarn add webpack-extraneous-file-cleanup-plugin --dev

In your webpack.config.js file:
const ExtraneousFileCleanupPlugin = require('webpack-extraneous-file-cleanup-plugin');

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
    new ExtraneousFileCleanupPlugin(opts)

Recommended Configuration

new ExtraneousFileCleanupPlugin({
  extensions: ['.js']

All Configuration Options

The ExtraneousFileCleanupPlugin accepts an object of options with the following attributes:
new ExtraneousFileCleanupPlugin({
  extensions: ['.extensions', '.to', '.whitelist'],
  minBytes: 1024,
  manifestJsonName: 'manifest.json',
  paths: ['/dist/removeFromThisPath']

  • extensions - a list of extensions we're allowed to analyze for their file size. Useful for not removing small .js.map files, or small .css files. Defaults to analyzing all file types.
  • minBytes - the minimum byte size a file has to meet to not be deleted. Defaults to 1024 bytes.
  • manifestJsonName - if you're outputting a manifest.json file, this plugin will also remove deleted files from the manifest. Defaults to manifest.json
  • paths - an array of strings to specify which if any paths you want to limit the searching to. If this is defined, files will only be removed from those paths.