Automatically load any webpack plugins in your package.json

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$ npm install --save-dev webpack-load-plugins


Given a package.json file that has some dependencies within:
    "devDependencies": {
        "clean-webpack-plugin": "*",
        "html-webpack-plugin": "*"

Adding this into your webpack.config.js:
var webpack = require('webpack');
var webpackLoadPlugins = require('webpack-load-plugins');
var plugins = webpackLoadPlugins();

Or, even shorter:
var plugins = require('webpack-load-plugins')();

Will result in the following happening (roughly, plugins are lazy loaded but in practice you won't notice any difference):
plugins.clean = require('clean-webpack-plugin');
plugins.html = require('html-webpack-plugin');

You can then use the plugins just like you would if you'd manually required them, but referring to them as plugins.name(), rather than just name().
This frees you up from having to manually require each webpack plugin.


You can pass in an object of options that are shown below: (the values for the keys are the defaults):
    pattern: ['*-webpack-plugin','@*/*-webpack-plugin'], // the glob(s) to search for
    config: 'package.json', // where to find the plugins, by default searched up from process.cwd()
    scope: ['dependencies', 'devDependencies', 'peerDependencies'], // which keys in the config to look within
    replaceString: /-webpack-plugin$/, // what to remove from the name of the module when adding it to the context
    camelize: true, // if true, transforms hyphenated plugins names to camel case
    lazy: true, // whether the plugins should be lazy loaded on demand
    rename: {}, // a mapping of plugins to rename
    renameFn: function (name) { ... } // a function to handle the renaming of plugins (the default works)


You can pass in an object of mappings for renaming plugins. For example, imagine you want to load the html-webpack-plugin plugin, but want to refer to it as just html:
  rename: {
    'html-webpack-plugin': 'html'

Note that if you specify the renameFn options with your own custom rename function, while the rename option will still work, the replaceString and camelize options will be ignored.

npm Scopes

webpack-load-plugins comes with npm scope support. The major difference is that scoped plugins are accessible through an object on plugins that represents the scope. For example, if the plugin is @savl/webpack-test-plugin then you can access the plugin as shown in the following example:
var plugins = require('webpack-load-plugins')();


Credit largely goes to @jackfranklin for his gulp-load-plugins plugin & @sindresorhus for his load-grunt-plugins plugin. This plugin is almost identical, just tweaked slightly to work with Webpack and to expose the required plugins.