CLI tool to report changes in bundle sizes across builds

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A command-line tool to report changes in bundle sizes across builds.

The problem

You just made changes to your webpack config or your source files and you want to know how bundle sizes were impacted.

The solution

Use this tool to see how much the total built file size has changed and see the breakdown for what files were added or removed as well as what files increased or decreased in size.

Installation & Usage

Install with npm install -g webpack-stats-diff
To compare your bundle sizes before and after, you'll need to configure webpack to save a stats file. This can be done by either adding a script to your package.json similar to build_stats: webpack mode=production --json > stats.json or by adding webpack-stats-plugin into your plugins list.
For example, to compare the bundle sizes between branches, you could save the master build stats to a file master.json and the branch build stats to my-branch.json and run
webpack-stats-diff master.json my-branch.json

terminal showing the result of running the command

Other Solutions

  • webpack-compare instead generates an HTML file to display the comparison, but it doesn't include totals or filtering options.