A single npm script command to start Webpack and your server in watch mode, with a unified console.

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Webpack watch server
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A single webpack-watch-server command to add to your package scripts that fires up Webpack in watch mode and restarts your server each build. Webpack and server logs stream in a unified console with clear formatting and pretty colors.
By using a Webpack build callback under the hood, this package is much more efficient than using a seperate watcher (such as Nodemon or Forever) to restart the server.
webpack-watch-server demo


With npm:
npm install webpack-watch-server


  1. Add "dev": "webpack-watch-server" to your package.json scripts. To specify a custom Webpack config file path use webpack-watch-server --config path/to/custom-webpack-config.js. The file will be transpiled with Babel if it’s name ends with .config.babel.js.
  2. Run npm run dev to start Webpack in watch mode. The server automatically starts and restarts after each build.


  • It is assumed your server file is the default Node finds at the Webpack config output.pathindex.js works.
  • For now, only plain object Webpack configs are supported.


  • Node >= 6.4.