ReactJS + WebRx + RxJS + Bootstrap: MVVM for Single Page Web Applications

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webrx-react Framework
This project is mostly stable but is still in development. If you'd like to contribute, please submit a Pull Request.

webrx-react is a reactive web UI framework written in TypeScript that leverages Observables from RxJS 5, properties and commands from an internal lightweight port of WebRx, performant rendering from Facebook's React, and consistent styling from Twitter's Bootstrap (as well as react-boostrap to bridge the gap with React).
This framework can be imported into another TypeScript project (recommended approach), imported into a JavaScript project, or you can alternatively just choose to work directly on a fork of this repository.
webrx-react is designed to be a single page web app framework that uses observables to drive rendering of React components. This framework comes with a number of foundationary components that allow you to compose more complex but consistent looking web apps.
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webrx-react Demo

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Quick Start

This framework comes with a built-in demo that can be viewed in the browser. Simply run npm install && npm start and browse to http://localhost:3000/ to play around with the components built into this framework.

Using webrx-react

To start building your own components using webrx-react framework, you may want to start by looking at the included foundationary components (and component demos). These components and demos offer the best hands on introduction to how everything works together.


When using typescript to import this framework you can either import the whole API or individual modules.
Import the whole api by adding this line: import * as wxr from 'webrx-react';. Now you can access each namespace via the API surface using the wxr import alias (i.e., new wxr.Components.BaseViewModel()).
Import individual modules directly by supplying a path starting with webrx-react/ (i.e. import { BaseViewModel } from 'webrx-react/Components';).




If you are developing for webrx-react, the best strategy is to run npm start and use the browser to test out your changes.
You can also run npm run watch:test if you are working on tests, or npm run lint if you want to fix linter errors.

Build Testing

Sometimes it may be useful to test development builds against an existing project. This is possible through the deploy:modules script and providing a custom dest path. You will want to first install webrx-react through npm into the other project, then you can use the command below to perform a test build and custom deploy to your project path.
npm run version:modules && npm run build:modules && npm run deploy:modules -- --env.dest /path/to/project/node_modules/webrx-react

NOTE that not all npm files are deployed using this script, there are a number of files at the root of webrx-react that do not get deployed but are required for various build processes. The reason these files do not get deployed is that their source and destination paths are typically the same. If required, you can manually copy the files at the root into build/modules after running the build:modules script and then re-run the deploy:modules script to deploy all files to a custom path.

Deploying Github Pages

The Github pages bundle can be deployed using the npm run bundle:docs script. Once run, the changes need to be pushed up to the master branch in order for the changes to be visible on Github pages.

Bundle Profiling

Webpack bundles can be profiled to validate optimized bundling, minimizing size, and deduplication of modules. Profiled bundles produce a stats.json file beside the bundler output. To profile a webpack bundle, use the --env.profile flag. i.e.,
npm run bundle -- --env.profile
The following tools are useful at processing profiled bundle stats files:
  • https://webpack.github.io/analyse/
  • https://chrisbateman.github.io/webpack-visualizer/
  • https://alexkuz.github.io/webpack-chart/
  • https://alexkuz.github.io/stellar-webpack/