A enhancement popover plugin for Bootstrap ,but you can use it stand-alone without Bootstrap!

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A lightWeight popover plugin with jquery, enchance the popover plugin of bootstrap with some awesome new features. It works well with bootstrap, but bootstrap is not necessary!
Browser compatibility: ie8+,Chrome,Safari,Firefox,Opera




  • fast,lightweight
  • support more placements
  • auto caculate placement
  • close button in popover
  • multipule popovers in same page
  • different styles
  • support url and iframe
  • support async mode
  • different animations
  • support backdrop


npm install webui-popover


bower install webui-popover


WebUI Popover Support CDN from version 1.2.1, avaliable on JSDELIVR


WebUI Popover Demo

Getting Started

Including it on your page

<link rel="stylesheet" href="jquery.webui-popover.css">
<script src="jquery.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.webui-popover.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/jquery.webui-popover/1.2.1/jquery.webui-popover.min.css">
<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/jquery/1.11.3/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/jquery.webui-popover/1.2.1/jquery.webui-popover.min.js"></script>

Use the plugin as follows:


Some Examples:

Simplest Popover

Create Popover by dom element data- attribute
<a href="#" data-title="Title" data-content="Contents..." data-placement="right">show pop</a>

Popover content can be easily setted by next element with class 'webui-popover-content' ```html shop pop
<p>popover content</p>
`` ``javascript $('a').webuiPopover(); ```
Or, just use jQuery selector (id selector recommended) to set the Popover content.
```html shop pop
<p>popover content</p>
`` ``javascript $('a').webuiPopover({url:'#myContent'}); ```
Popover with specified placement.

Popover trigged by mouse hover.

Create Sticky Popover.

Create Popover Dynamically (by new option:'selector').
<a href="#" id="addPop" class="btn btn-default"> add Pop </a>
<div class="pops">

           $('<a href="#" class="show-pop data-placement="auto-bottom"  data-title="Dynamic Title" data-content="Dynamic content"> Dynamic created Pop </a>').appendTo('.pops');

Popover with inversed style.
Popover with fixed width and height

Popover with close button

Animate the Popover

Popover with iframe

Async Mode
 							var html = '<ul>';
 							for(var key in data){html+='<li>'+data[key]+'</li>';}
							return html;

Async simply by url ```javascript $('a').webuiPopover({
}); ```
Trigger the Popover by manual

//Show it

//Hide it

Destroy the Popover

Default options

    placement:'auto',//values: auto,top,right,bottom,left,top-right,top-left,bottom-right,bottom-left,auto-top,auto-right,auto-bottom,auto-left,horizontal,vertical
    container: document.body,// The container in which the popover will be added (i.e. The parent scrolling area). May be a jquery object, a selector string or a HTML element. See https://jsfiddle.net/1x21rj9e/1/
    width:'auto',//can be set with  number
    height:'auto',//can be set with  number
    trigger:'click',//values:  click,hover,manual(handle events by your self),sticky(always show after popover is created);
    selector:false,// jQuery selector, if a selector is provided, popover objects will be delegated to the specified. 
    style:'',// Not to be confused with inline `style=""`, adds a classname to the container for styling, prefixed by `webui-popover-`. Default '' (light theme), 'inverse' for dark theme
    animation:null, //pop with animation,values: pop,fade (only take effect in the browser which support css3 transition)
    delay: {//show and hide delay time of the popover, works only when trigger is 'hover',the value can be number or object
        show: null,
        hide: 300
    async: {
        type:'GET', // ajax request method type, default is GET
        before: function(that, xhr, settings) {},//executed before ajax request
        success: function(that, data) {}//executed after successful ajax request
        error: function(that, xhr, data) {} //executed after error ajax request
    cache:true,//if cache is set to false,popover will destroy and recreate
    multi:false,//allow other popovers in page at same time
    arrow:true,//show arrow or not
    title:'',//the popover title, if title is set to empty string,title bar will auto hide
    content:'',//content of the popover,content can be function
    closeable:false,//display close button or not
    direction:'', // direction of the popover content default is ltr ,values:'rtl';
    padding:true,//content padding
    type:'html',//content type, values:'html','iframe','async'
    url:'',//if type equals 'html', value should be jQuery selecor.  if type equels 'async' the plugin will load content by url.
    backdrop:false,//if backdrop is set to true, popover will use backdrop on open
    dismissible:true, // if popover can be dismissed by  outside click or escape key
    autoHide:false, // automatic hide the popover by a specified timeout, the value must be false,or a number(1000 = 1s).
    offsetTop:0,  // offset the top of the popover
    offsetLeft:0,  // offset the left of the popover
    onShow: function($element) {}, // callback after show
    onHide: function($element) {}, // callback after hide

Global Methods

In some situation, you may want to manipulate the plugin like 'show/hide' popovers by global methods. The new object WebuiPopovers is introduced and exposed to the global window object, so you can access these methods like 'WebuiPopovers.someMethod()...'.
Here are examples of calling code.
//Show Popover by click other element.
	e.stopPropagation(); // Stop event propagation is needed, otherwise may trigger the document body click event handled by plugin.

// Show Popover with options
WebuiPopovers.show('#el',{title:' hello popover',width:300});

//Hide Popover by jQuery selector

//Hide All Popovers

//Update the Popover content 
WebuiPopovers.updateContent('.btn-showpop','some html or text');

//Update the Popover content  async

//Set global default options

Full Methods
WebuiPopovers.show(selector,options); // Show popover by jQuery selector,the  options parameter is optional
	WebuiPopovers.hide(selector); // Hide  popover by jQuery selector
	WebuiPopovers.hideAll(); // Hide all popovers
	WebuiPopovers.create(selector,options);// Create and init the popover by jQuery selector.
	WebuiPopovers.isCreated(selector); // Check if the popover is already create and bind to the selector.
	WebuiPopovers.updateContent(selector,newContent) //Update the Popover content after the popover is created.
	WebuiPopovers.updateContentAsync(selector,url) //Update the Popover content asynchronously after the popover is created.
	WebuiPopovers.setDefaultOptions(options) //Change the global default options.

Welcome to visit my github page: http://sandywalker.github.io/