Weex DSL transformer

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Weex DSL Transformer
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<template> + <style> + <script> + <element>


npm install weex-transformer


CLI tool

Usage: transformer [options] <file...>


  -h, --help               output usage information
  -V, --version            output the version number
  -g, --logLevel [value]   specify log output level - `NOTE`, `WARNING`, `ERROR`, `OFF` (default: `NOTE`, equivalent to `ALL`)
  -e, --isEntry [value]    whether is an entry module which has `bootstrap` (default: true)
  -l, --oldFormat [value]  whether to transform to old format (default: false)
  -o, --output [path]      the output file dirname


transform(name, code, path, elements, config)

var transformer = require('weex-transformer')
var output = transformer.transform('foo', '/* code here */', '.', {})
  • name: string, current bundle name
  • code: string, source code
  • path: string optional, useful when find custom component in a certain path
  • elements: object optional, existed custom component map
  • config: object optional
* `logLevel`: specify log output level - `NOTE` (default, equivalent to `ALL`), `WARNING`, `ERROR`, `OFF`, aranging from low to high
* `isEntry`: whether is an entry module which has `bootstrap` (default: true)
* `oldFormat`: whether to transform to old format (default: false)
  • an object with keys
* `result`: string, all custom components `define()` and final `bootstrap()`
* `logs`: array, corresponding warning & error logs


same params and different output format for old style: register(name, options) and render(name, data)

transforming content

  • template: JavaScript Object by parse5
  • style: JSON Object by css
  • script: JavaScript AST with template, deps, style by esprima
  • element: string code map for deeply parsing


  1. get template, style, script, elements
  2. parse and validate style by styler
  3. parse and validate template by templater and get deps
  4. parse script by scripter
  5. join template, style and script to build a module
  6. collect element code map
  7. output define() string code, deps, element code map and logs
  8. find deps code by name from element code map first and from file system for second
  9. join all deps code together recursively
  10. find all required 3rd party javascript and bundle them
  11. append bootstrap() string code and bundle at last