a precompiler for weex-vue-render.

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weex-vue-precompiler is a node transformer plugin for vue-loader. The main purpose is to precompile nodes for weex-vue-render to reduce performance consumption in render's runtime.
Use this precompiler can save you a lot of render time for weex running on web using weex-vue-render.

How To Use

In you vue-loader config, you can use it like this:
// require and init.
const precompile = require('weex-vue-precompiler')(/*optional config*/)

// in vue config:
  optimizeSSR: false,
  postcss: [
      browsers: ['> 0.1%', 'ios >= 8', 'not ie < 12']
    require('postcss-plugin-px2rem')({ rootValue: 75 })
  compilerModules: [
      postTransformNode: el => precompile(el)


  • autoprefixer: options for autoprefixer. default is { browsers: '> 0.1%', 'ios >= 8', 'not ie < 12' }.
  • px2rem: options for postcss-plugin-px2rem. default is: { rootValue: 75 }. (NOTICE: We shouldn't change the value of rootValue here. If you want to change the viewport width, you better use <meta name="weex-viewport" content="..."> in your html entry file.)
  • aliweex: boolean. default is false. Tell whether aliweex components are included in your project.


NOTE: This plugin should only work with weex-vue-render-next in pair, which is > 0.12.xx. The version before 0.13 is not compatible.

  • x support inline style autoprefix and px2rem converting.
  • x support tag name converting.
  • x support style normalization for weex-el, weex-ct, etc.
  • x add events to element attributes.