Use the Windows.Storage.Streams WinRT API directly from Node.js

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Readme ===== A Node.js wrapper for the Windows.Storage.Streams WinRT namespace, compatible with Windows 8.1. Using this module, you'll be able to consume the Windows.Storage.Streams API directly from Node.js. This module was automatically generated by NodeRT. For more information on NodeRT and examples on how to use NodeRT modules, please visit the project page at: The API exposed by this module is (almost) the same as the API that is listed in: The only difference in the API is in the way that asynchronous methods and events are used. (See for more details) This module also contains TypeScript definition files for the API exposed by the module, as well as JavaScript intellisense support for Node.js tools for Visual Studio. Prequisites: ============
  • node-gyp. (Make sure to also have python installed).
Installation: ============= In order to install this module, run npm install: ``` npm install ``` If you wish to rebuild this module using node-gyp, make sure to use the --msvsversion=2013 flag: ``` cd module folder path node-gyp rebuild --msvsversion=2013 ```