Azure Table Storage transport for Winston

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NPM version winston-azuretable ================== An Azure Table Storage transport for the Winston logging library. Installation ------------ ```bash $ npm install winston $ npm install winston-azuretable ``` Usage ----- ``` var winston = require('winston'); var azureLogger = require('winston-azuretable').AzureLogger winston.add(azureLogger, options); ``` The transport accepts the following options:
  • useDevStorage: Boolean denoting whether to use the Azure Storage Emulator (default: false)
  • account: Azure Storage Account Name. If unset, will use AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT environment variable.
  • key: Azure Storage Account Key. If unset, will use AZURE_STORAGE_ACCESS_KEY environment variable.
  • level: logging level (default: info)
  • tableName: name of table where logs will be outputted (default: log)
  • partitionKey: table partition key (default: process.env.NODE_ENV)
  • silent: Boolean flag indicating whether to suppress output to tables (default: false)
  • nestedMeta: store metadata as a JSON document in meta column (default: false)
Table Entity ------------ Each log entry will create the following entity:
  • PartitionKey: table partition key (default: process.env.NODE_ENV)
  • RowKey: number of milliseconds since epoch
  • hostname: hostname of operating system
  • pid: node process id
  • level: logging level
  • msg: logging message
  • createdDateTime: date log entry created
  • when nestedMeta option is false:
metadata properties: creates associated property in entity for each given metadata property
  • when nestedMeta option is true:
meta: JSON-encoded metadata properties Inspirations/Alternatives ------------------------- Inspired by winston-skywriter. Differences in implementation include:
  • support for latest Azure Storage SDK
  • dependency against Azure Storage SDK directly instead of an intermediary library (bluesky)
  • row key is the number of milliseconds since epoch resulting in Azure table naturally having most recent log entry first
  • implementation of Winston query method.