provides a console transport for winston logger

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Table of Contents

- Motivation - Requirements - Installation - Usage - Attributes


Winston has its own console transport. But if you'll try to use it in the browser, you will find out its inconvenience. You can't access native browser consoleconsole levels (ex. verbose), so it is impossible to filter those levels using the browser console.


!Platform Statusnode-ver-test-badgenode-ver-test-url To use library you need to have node and npm installed in your machine:
  • node >=10
  • npm >=6
Package is continuously testednode-ver-test-url on darwin, linux and win32 platforms. All active and maintenance LTS node releases are supported.


To install the library, run the following command: ``` npm i --save winston-console-transport ```


To use new transport, just add it to the transports option of your winston logger. ```javascript import { createLogger } from 'winston'; import Console from 'winston-console-transport'; const logger = createLogger({
level      : 'debug',
transports : [ new Console() ]
}); logger.verbose('VERBOSE TEXT'); ```


Some attributes can be passed to new ``Console({})``
  • name - name of a transport (default 'console')
  • eol - end of line (default os.EOL)
  • logger - custom logger (default console)
  • levels - custom level handlers (default {})
  • fallBackLogger - default level handler (default console.log)
  • sanitizer - input data sanitizer and transformator (default data => data)
  • maxListeners - max number of listeners (default 30)


Make the changes to the code and tests. Then commit to your branch. Be sure to follow the commit message conventions. Read Contributing Guidelines for details.