Higher Order Component to run a function after every formik form value update

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provides a Higher Order Component (HoC) to run a function after every Formik react form value update. Based off Jared Palmers example gist: https://gist.github.com/jaredpalmer/56e10cabe839747b84b81410839829be

crikey! stop talking and let me install it...

```javascript // ok ok, calm down... yarn add withformikautosave ``` ```javascript import { compose } from 'redux'; import { withFormik } from 'formik'; import withFormikAutoSave from 'withFormikAutoSave'; import MightMorphinPowerForm from '../blah'; // Standard form using Formik's HoC const formikEnhancer = withFormik({ handleSubmit: () => 'Zordon will contact you in due course', displayName: 'RangerSignUpForm', }); // Auto Save function const AutoSaveEnhancer = withFormikAutoSave({ onSave: (values, props) => {
console.log(values, props);
return new Promise(resolve => resolve()); // must return a promise
}, }); export default compose( formikEnhancer, AutoSaveEnhancer )(MightMorphinPowerForm); ```



Wraps your formik form with a simple lifecycle component which will fire a onSave function whenever a value is updated.

config (Object)

  • onSave (Function): ((values, props) => Promise)
The funciton to be carried out on every save, will be passed the full forms values and props. This means the props will (usually) have access to your handleSubmit function. Please note this function (currently) must return a Promise

Props decoration

Your form should be decorated with three additional props:
  • isAutoSaving (bool) dictates if the onSave function is currently firing
  • lastAutoSaved (string) dateTime created when the onSave function last successfully returned without an error
  • autoSaveError (object) Any current errors returned from the latest onSave