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Node module for converting between various calendars
This project takes kbwood/calendars and transforms them from a jQuery plugin to a node module. Many thanks to Keith Wood and all of the contributors to the original project! We support all the calendars in that project plus the Chinese lunar calendar.
kbwood/calendars was originally pulled at version 2.0.2 in October 2016.
The initial implementation converts all built-in calendars and localizations, including the plus module, but not the validation or picker functionality. Also includes basic test functionality.
Typical usage for converting from one date system to another goes through Julian days:
var calendars = require('world-calendars');

var gregorian = calendars.instance();
var nepali = calendars.instance('nepali');

// gives nepali date 2073-07-15
var nepaliHalloween = nepali.fromJD(gregorian.newDate(2016, 10, 31).toJD());