Forces webpack-dev-server to write bundle files to the file system.

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Forces webpack-dev-server program to write bundle files to the file system.
This plugin has no effect when webpack program is used instead of webpack-dev-server.


npm install write-file-webpack-plugin --save-dev


 * @typedef {Object} options
 * @property {boolean} atomicReplace Atomically replace files content (i.e., to prevent programs like test watchers from seeing partial files) (default: true).
 * @property {boolean} exitOnErrors Stop writing files on webpack errors (default: true).
 * @property {boolean} force Forces the execution of the plugin regardless of being using `webpack-dev-server` or not (default: false).
 * @property {boolean} log Logs names of the files that are being written (or skipped because they have not changed) (default: true).
 * @property {RegExp} test A regular expression used to test if file should be written. When not present, all bundle will be written.
 * @property {boolean} useHashIndex Use hash index to write only files that have changed since the last iteration (default: true).

 * @param {options} options
 * @returns {Object}
new WriteFilePlugin();

new WriteFilePlugin({
    // Write only files that have ".css" extension.
    test: /\.css$/,
    useHashIndex: true


Configure webpack.config.js to use the write-file-webpack-plugin plugin.
import path from 'path';
import WriteFilePlugin from 'write-file-webpack-plugin';

export default {
    output: {
        path: path.join(__dirname, './dist')
    plugins: [
        new WriteFilePlugin()
    // ...

See ./sandbox for a working webpack configuration.