executes commands on packages in parallel, but is aware of the dependencies between them

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Workspace script runner
Run npm scripts or custom commands in a yarn workspace


wsrun [options] -c <command> [<arg1> <arg2> ...]

Mode (choose one):
  --parallel, -a  Fully parallel mode (default)                                               [boolean]
  --stages, -t    Run in stages: start with packages that have no deps                        [boolean]
  --serial, -s    Same as "stages" but with no parallelism at the stage level                 [boolean]

Package Options:
  --recursive, -r  Execute the same script on all of its dependencies, too                    [boolean]
  --package, -p    Run only for packages matching this glob. Can be used multiple times.        [array]
  --changedSince   Runs commands in packages that have changed since the provided source control
                   branch.                                                                     [string]

Misc Options:
  --if                   Run main command only if this condition runs successfully
  --ifDependency         Run main command only if packages dependencies passed the condition 
                         (not available in parallel mode)                                     [boolean]
  --fast-exit, -e        If at least one script exits with code > 0, abort                                                       [boolean]
  --collect-logs, -l     Collect per-package output and print it at the end of each script    [boolean]
  --no-prefix            Don't prefix output                                                  [boolean]
  --rewrite-paths        Rewrite relative paths in the standard output, by prepending the 
                         <root_folder>/<package_name>.                                        [boolean]
  --bin                  The program to pass the command to                                    [string] 
  --done-criteria        Consider a process "done" when an output line matches the specified RegExp
  --exclude, -x          Skip running the command for that package                             [string]
  --exclude-missing, -m  Skip packages which lack the specified command in the scripts section
                         of their package.json                                                [boolean]
  --report               Show an execution report once the command has finished in each 
                         package                                                              [boolean]

Other Options:
  --help             Show help                                                                [boolean]
  --version          Show version number                                                      [boolean]
  -c                 Denotes the end of the package list and the beginning of the command. 
                     Can be used instead of "--"                                              [boolean]
  --revRecursive     Include all dependents of the filtered packages. Runs after resolving 
                     the other package options.                                               [boolean]
  --prefix           Prefix output with package name                                          [boolean]
  --concurrency, -y  Maximum number of commands to be executed at once                         [number]


yarn wsrun watch will run yarn watch on every individual package, in parallel.
yarn wsrun --stages build will build all packages, in stages, starting from those that don't depend on other packages.

Specific packages:

yarn wsrun -p planc -r watch will watch planc and all of its dependencies.
yarn wsrun -p planc -c watch will watch planc only. Note that -c is passed here explicitly to denote the beginning of the command. This is needed because -p can accept multiple packages. (-c can also be substituted with -- but that generates warnings in yarn)
yarn wsrun -p 'app-*-frontend' -r watch will watch all packages matching the glob 'app-*-frontend' and their dependencies. Globstar and extglobs are supported. Make sure to pass the option quoted to prevent bash from trying to expand it!
yarn wsrun -p h4zip planc -c test - run tests for both h4zip and `planc
yarn wsrun -p planc --exclude planc -r watch will watch all of planc's dependencies but not planc
yarn wsrun -p h4zip -r --stages build will build all deps of h4zip, in order, then build h4zip
yarn wsrun -p planc --stages --done-criteria='Compilation complete' -r watch will watch planc deps, in order, continuing when command outputs a line containing "Compilation complete"
yarn wsrun --exclude-missing test will run the test script only on packages that have it
yarn wsrun --changedSince --exclude-missing test will run the test script only on packages that have c hanged since master branch and have test command

Additional arguments to scripts

If you want to pass additional arguments to the command you can do that by adding them after the command:
yarn wsrun -r --stages build -p tsconfig.alternative.json - build all packages in stages with and pass an alternative tsconfig to the build script

Commands not in the scripts field

When --skip-missing is not used, you can pass a command that doesn't exist in the scripts field:
yarn wsrun -r --stages tsc -p tsconfig.alternative.json - run tsc for all packages with an alternative tsconfig

Conditional execution

Conditional execution is supported with --if and --ifDependency
yarn wsrun --stages --if build-needed build - for each package it will first try yarn wsrun build-needed and only if the exit code is zero (success) it will run yarn wsrun build
yarn wsrun --stages --if build-needed --ifDependency build - it will run build for each package in stages, if either the package's own condition command was success, or any of the dependencies had a successful condition.