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wysihtml is an extended and less strict approach on xing/wysihtml5 open source rich text editor. The code is library agnostic and has all dependencies bundled: No jQuery, Prototype or similar is required. The currently bundled dependencies are rangy.js (including textrange and selectionsaverestore modules) and base.js.
This project is supported by Voog.
Version 0.6.0 breaking changes
Version 0.6.0 notes for migration.
  • Object namespace is now wysihtyml (was previously wysihtml5). This change includes all classnames and event names.
  • The default toolbar is separated to independent module (wysihtml.toolbar.js) and must be added separately if used.
  • Full command set for backwards compatibility is not bundled and separated to wysihtml.all-commands.js module. Most commands there directly map to formatBlock or formatInline commands and are thus optional and can be replaced with these internal commands.
  • Table editing features are now as a separate module


  • Project page with simple demo: http://wysihtml.com
  • Minimal demo: https://voog.github.com/wysihtml/examples/simple.html
  • Advanced demo: https://voog.github.com/wysihtml/examples/advanced.html
  • Editable GitHub page: https://voog.github.com/wysihtml
  • Or try it on a working app: https://www.voog.com


  • Auto linking of urls as-you-type.
  • Generates valid and semantic HTML5 markup (no <font> tags).
  • Can use class-names instead of inline styles.
  • Unifies line-break handling across browsers (hitting enter will create <br> instead of <p> or <div>).
  • Auto-parses content inserted via copy & paste (from Word, Powerpoint, PDF, other web pages, etc.).
  • Converts invalid or unknown html tags into valid/similar tags.
  • Source code view for users with HTML skills.
  • Uses sandboxed iframes in order to prevent identity theft through XSS.
  • Editor inherits styles and attributes (placeholder, autofocus, etc.) from original textarea (you only have to style one element).

Extended features not present in xing/wysihtml5:
  • Can be used without iframe sandbox when initiated on <div> instead of <textarea>.
  • Blocking of image drag drop in editable is removed.
  • Table insertion management and cell merging commands.
  • Improved parser with options to: unwrap tag instead of remove, keep defined styles, complex object type definitions for allowing elements.
  • Ability to add uneditable area inside editor text flow (useful when building modules like video tools, advanced image editor etc).
  • Improved formatblock handling.
  • Ability for user to remove formating with only collapsed caret without having to select exactly whole text.
  • Improved speed.
  • Anchor creating and removing logic changed to more universal.
  • Default build is without internal toolbar functions and build with -toolbar suffix contains default toolbar functions.

Browser Support

The rich text editing interface is supported in IE9+, FF 29+, Safari 6+, Safari on iOS 6+, Opera 12+ and Chrome. Graceful Degradation: Users with other browsers will see the textarea and are still able to write plain HTML by themselves.


wysihtml can be initialized and built using node package manager:
npm install
npm run build
This adds dependencies (first line) and builds both minified and development versions (second line).


See the list of contributors here.