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A simple wrapper around browser based xslt. Includes some cleanup options to help normalize the output across browsers.

Quick start

Several options are available to get started:


// Here are the options with their default values
options = {
  fullDocument: false, // Is the output a complete document, or a fragment?
  cleanup: true, // false will disable all of the below options
  xmlHeaderInOutput: true,
  normalizeHeader: true,
  encoding: 'UTF-8',
  preserveEncoding: false, // When false, always uses the above encoding. When true, keeps whatever the doc says
  removeDupNamespace: true,
  removeDupAttrs: true,
  removeNullNamespace: true,
  removeAllNamespaces: false,
  removeNamespacedNamespace: true,
  moveNamespacesToRoot: false,

  // These two are mutually exclusive. Attempting to use both is the same as using neither
  collapseEmptyElements: true, // Forces output of self-closing tags
  expandCollapsedElements: false, // Forces output of separate closing tags
outputXmlString = xslt(inputXmlString, xslString, options);

It is also possible to just run the cleanup function itself. This uses the same options as above.
outputXmlString = xslt.cleanup(intermediateXmlString, options);