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Experimental way to better deal with theming with React and styled components.

Install it

yarn add xtheme

Use it

```typescript jsx import { createVariableSet, createGlobalTheme } from 'xtheme'
// Create types for the variable sets // that you might have on your theme type IColors = 'primaryDark' | 'primary' | 'primaryLight' type IFontFamilies = 'sansSerif' | 'serif' type IFontSize = 'XS' | 'S' | 'M' | 'L' | 'XL'
// Create the shape or your theme const globalTheme = { color: createVariableSet(), fontFamily: createVariableSet(), fontSize: createVariableSet(), }
// Create a global theme component // by defining the values for the theme variables const AppGlobalTheme = createGlobalTheme( // Colors globalTheme.color.primaryLight, '#27a0ff', globalTheme.color.primary, '#0088ee', globalTheme.color.primaryDark, '#0061ac',
// Font families globalTheme.fontFamily.sansSerif, 'helvetica, roboto, arial, sans-serif', globalTheme.fontFamily.serif, 'times new roman',
// Font sizes globalTheme.fontSize.XS, units.px(11), globalTheme.fontSize.S, units.px(13), globalTheme.fontSize.M, units.px(16), globalTheme.fontSize.L, units.px(19), globalTheme.fontSize.XL, units.px(23), )
// Create a styled component and use the theme variables const Title = styled.h1` font-family: ${globalTheme.fontFamily.serif}; font-size: ${globalTheme.fontSize.XL}; `
const App = () => { return (
  <AppGlobalTheme />
    <Title>Hello world!</Title>
) } ```


MIT License