This is a cascading progress bar plugin based on vue

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This is a cascading progress bar plugin based on vue


```bash $ yarn add yan-progress ```

Qucik start

App.vue ```html
<yan-progress :total="100" :done="60" :modify="30" />
``` index.js ```js import Vue from 'vue'; import YanProgress from 'yan-progress'; import App from './App.vue'; Vue.use(YanProgress); new Vue({ el: '#app', render: h => h(App) }); ```


Check this file in index.html


| params | description | type | default | | :----: | :----: | :----: | :----: | | total | The total of progress | number | — | | done | The number of done | number | — | | modify | The number of modified base on done | number | — | | tip | Custom Style (Array contains 3 items, in turn: uncomplete, done, and modified, each item configuration as shown in iTipConfig below)|iTipConfig|—| iTipConfig | params | description | type | memo | | :----: | :----: | :----: | :----: | :----: | | text | The tooltip text ('X'is a placeholder) | string | The color type same with CSS | | fillStyle | The background color of progress bar | string | The color type same with CSS |


  • Fork this Repo first
  • Clone your Repo
  • Install dependencies by $ npm install
  • Checkout a feature branch
  • Feel free to add your features
  • Make sure your features are fully tested
  • Publish your local branch, Open a pull request
  • Enjoy hacking <3

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