CoffeeScript minimalist interface to express, and others

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Zappa is a CoffeeScript-optimized interface to Express and Socket.IO.
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require('./zappajs') ->

  ## Server-side ##
  teacup = @teacup

  @get '/': ->
    @render 'index',
      title: 'Zappa!'
      scripts: '/index.js /more.js /client.js'
      stylesheet: '/index.css'

  @view index: ->
    {doctype,html,head,title,script,link,body,h1,div} = teacup
    doctype 5
    html =>
      head =>
        title @title if @title
        for s in @scripts.split ' '
          script src: s
        link rel:'stylesheet', href:@stylesheet
      body ->
        h1 'Welcome to Zappa!'
        div id:'content'
        div id:'content2'

  pixels = 12

  @css '/index.css':
      font: '12px Helvetica'
      color: 'pink'
      height: "#{pixels}px"

  @get '/:name/data.json': ->
    record =
      id: 123
      email: "#{}"
    @json record

  ## Client-side ##
  @coffee '/index.js': ->
    alert 'hi'

  ## Client-side with Browserify ##
  @with 'client' # requires `zappajs-plugin-client`
  @browser '/more.js': ->
    domready = require 'domready'
    $ = require 'component-dom'
    domready ->
      $('#content').html 'Ready to roll!'

  ## Client-side with ExpressJS/Socket.IO session sharing ##
  @use session:
    store: new @session.MemoryStore()
    secret: 'foo'
    resave: true, saveUninitialized: true

  @on 'ready': ->
    console.log "Client #{@id} is ready and says #{@data}."
    @emit 'ok', null

  @client '/client.js': ->
    @emit 'ready', 'hello'
    $ = require 'component-dom'
    @on 'ok', ->
      $('#content2').html 'Ready to roll too!'


npm install zappajs

Other resources

  • Found a bug? Open an issue at github

ZappaJS 5.0 Changes

Removal of browserify dependency

@browser and @isomorph are now in the client module, alongside @client.

ZappaJS 4.0 Changes

Major improvements in Socket.IO interface:

Now supports saving the Session object in Socket.IO methods. Session content can be modified both from ExpressJS and from Socket.IO.
Supports ack callback for all Socket.IO emit calls.

Embedded client-side code:

The ZappaJS client is no longer embedded and was moved to a separate module, zappajs-client.
Sammy and jQuery are no longer embedded:
  • As a consequence the zappa middleware is no longer required and was removed. If your code references any Javascript file under /zappa/, consider using e.g. browserify-middleware to build the dependencies.
  • Also, @client and @shared are gone (along with their magic).

Client-side code is now bundled using browserify-string; @browser is available alongside @client, while @isomorph replaces @shared.

New features

Now uses the debug module instead of logging to console directly.
Host and port might be specified using the ZAPPA_PORT and ZAPPA_HOST environment variables, which are used as default if no explicit configuration is provided.