Zips up directories into buffers or saves zipped files to disk

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Zips up a directory and saves the zip to disk or returns as a buffer.
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$ npm install zip-dir


var zipdir = require('zip-dir');

// `buffer` is the buffer of the zipped file
var buffer = await zipdir('/path/to/be/zipped');

zipdir('/path/to/be/zipped', function (err, buffer) {
  // `buffer` is the buffer of the zipped file

zipdir('/path/to/be/zipped', { saveTo: '~/' }, function (err, buffer) {
  // `buffer` is the buffer of the zipped file
  // And the buffer was saved to `~/`

// Use a filter option to prevent zipping other zip files!
// Keep in mind you have to allow a directory to descend into!
zipdir('/path/to/be/zipped', { filter: (path, stat) => !/\.zip$/.test(path) }, function (err, buffer) {

// Use an `each` option to call a function everytime a file is added, and receives the path
zipdir('/path/to/be/zipped', { each: path => console.log(p, "added!"), function (err, buffer) {



var zipdir = require('zip-dir');

zipdir(dirPath, options, callback) : Promise

Zips up dirPath recursively preserving directory structure and returns the compressed buffer on success. If the callback function is supplied, it will be called with (error, buffer) once the zipdir function is done. If not, the buffer or an error can be obtained from the returned promise. The callback and the promise are mutually exclusive. If options defined with a saveTo path, then the callback and promise will be delayed until the buffer has also been saved to disk.


  • saveTo A path to save the buffer to.
  • filter A function that is called for all items to determine whether or not they should be added to the zip buffer. Function is called with the fullPath and a stats object (fs.Stats). Return true to add the item; false otherwise. To include files within directories, directories must also pass this filter.
  • each A function that is called everytime a file or directory is added to the zip.


  • Add an option to not add empty directories if there are no valid children inside