Useful zipcode database with helper methods

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Zip Code Lookups
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A localized (flatfile) zipcode lookup.
USA zip codes data was taken from here:
Canada zip codes data was taken from here:
It was then transformed into a JSON object and then wrapped with some helper methods.


var zipcodes = require('zipcodes');

Zipcode Lookup

var hills = zipcodes.lookup(90210);

{ zip: '90210',
  latitude: 34.088808,
  longitude: -118.406125,
  city: 'Beverly Hills',
  state: 'CA',
  country: 'US' }


This is not driving distance, it's line of sight distance
var dist = zipcodes.distance(62959, 90210); //In Miles
// dist = 1662

var kilo = zipcodes.toKilometers(dist); //Convert to Kilometers
// kilo = 2675

var miles = zipcodes.toMiles(zipcodes.toKilometers(dist)); //Convert to Kilometers, then to miles
// miles = 1662

Lookup By Name

This does not work on the Canada data, the data file doesn't include this much detail.
var l = zipcodes.lookupByName('Cupertino', 'CA');

//Always returns an array, since cities can have multiple zip codes
[ { zip: '95015',
    latitude: 37.323,
    longitude: -122.0527,
    city: 'Cupertino',
    state: 'CA',
    country: 'US' } ]

Lookup by Radius

Get all zipcodes within the milage radius of this zipcode
var rad = zipcodes.radius(95014, 50);
// rad.length == 385

[ '93901',

Zipcode Random

var zipObj = zipcodes.random();

{ zip: '90210',
  latitude: 34.088808,
  longitude: -118.406125,
  city: 'Beverly Hills',
  state: 'CA',
  country: 'US' }


Add support for importing into MongoDB or CouchDB to speed up searchs.


The original CSV file that I am using for this data is not included in this repo, but I did wrap up the best way to get the data and how to convert it into the format that this module uses.
To develop with this module, just make it and it will fetch the latest zipcodes and reprocess them.
To just fetch and process the zipcodes:
make codes
To run the very simple test suite:
make tests